How To Add Volume To Fine, Limp Hair

Sassoon Edit Body:

Sassoon Edit Body is an aerated body-building mousse which is great for all hair types, but especially good for fine limp hair that needs volume. 
If your hair is flat and you need to find the best hair product for creating volume, thickness and fullness, then this is it! It is our best-selling professional hair products for creating volume and thickness on fine and limp hair types.
Sassoon Edit Body comes in a 200ml aerosol type bottle with an easy dispense aerosol dispenser. To use, simply squeeze the size of a very small orange into the palm of your hand and distribute evenly from the roots through to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.  Then, dry as normal using a hair dryer and brush of choice.




The term ‘Micro’ suggests the lightness of the polymers, which condition without weighing the hair down. ‘Kinetic’ suggests the movement that these polymers allow to the hair.




The Cashmeratex formula was designed to restore the condition of natural hair by injecting moisture and strength, both on the surface of the cuticle and in the cortex area. An optimised combination of cashmere proteins and Pro Vitamin B5 cross-links the internal keratin molecules of the cortex area. This reinforces and binds to the hair structure, delivering amazing softness, flexibility and shine.