The Best Hair Products For Frizzy And Naturally Curly Hair

How To Beat The Frizz

Alterna Caviar Luxury Hair Care have just launched the fantastic Alterna Caviar anti frizz range of 5 products which include anti frizz shampoo, anti frizz conditioner, anti frizz blow out butter, anti frizz mist and anti frizz nourishing hair oil.  They are currently the best and most expensive hair products on the market for naturally curly and frizzy hair types.  The anti frizz shampoo and anti frizz conditioner add moisture to your dry frizzy and naturally curly hair, whilst the blow out butter helps to tame and control frizzy naturally curly hair.  The dry oil mist and serum can also be used at the same time for added frizz control and shine.

How To Apply: 

We always recommend that you only wash your hair once a week or leave it even longer between washes if your hair is really dry and frizzy.  The more often you wash naturally curly hair, the more you remove essential oils and product build up which means your hair will become fluffy and you will lose curl definition which may have taken days to build in to your hair.  It is also advisable to leave the conditioner in your hair as this will help with moisture and definition.  For those of you who blow your hair smooth you will really benefit from using the Caviar Anti Frizz Blow Out Butter mixed with a little Caviar Anti Frizz Omega Nourishing Oil (use size of a thumbnail).  For added shine and frizz taming spritz your hair with Alterna Caviar Anti Frizz Dry Oil Mist as you are blow drying your hair.

Best Products To Use On Naturally Curly And Frizzy Hair Types:

If you prefer to keep your hair curly, use the Caviar Anti Frizz Shampoo and Anti Frizz Conditioner (leave-in your hair).  For styling and controlling your curls for soft definition without feeling crunchy - we recommend that you mix together a thumbnail of the the Caviar Anti Frizz Nourishing Oil, or Moroccan oil with 2-3 pumps of your Anti Frizz Conditioner and a thumbnail size of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Wax.  Just mix them all together to create a soft workable creamy lotion which you can work into your hair from the roots through to the ends.  For longer thicker hair types use more product.



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