Color Wow UK

Color Wow UK "Called the 'Apple' of haircare in a beauty industry report in 2016, Color Wow is a cutting-edge haircare brand led by founder and CEO Gail Federici. Boasting over 25 years of experience in haircare, the team behind Color Wow Hair is dedicated to delivering solutions to haircare problems that have been as yet neglected. Striving for innovation and creativity in every product, Color Wow products combine a dedication to their customers with state-of-the-art research and development.

The Color Wow product range is developed using a fusion of advanced chemistry with natural ingredients and minerals to create products that lighten, brighten, cleanse, and refresh hair of all types. From humidity-blocking sprays to the bestselling Color Wow Bombshell Volumizer, Color Wow haircare products can be used alongside your usual shampoos and conditioners to bring your hair to the next level.

Color Wow products are sold all around the world, and at Bohairmia we are the official UK Salon stockist of Color Wow haircare. Shop the range of Color Wow products today and breathe new life into your hair with Color Wow's cutting-edge haircare technology, developed by chemists and stylists to solve common hair concerns with style. Shop for your favourite Color Wow products online at Bohairmia today."

Color Wow Bestsellers are Dream Coat - Raise The Root - Money Masque - Extra Mistical Shine Spray or even Extra Mystical Shine Spray - Style On Steroids