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System Professional Smoothen Shampoo S1 250ml

Discover the smoothing benefits of System Professional Smoothen Shampoo S1. This shampoo is designed to give your hair a smooth, sleek look, with just a few washes. It nourishes and hydrates each hair strand for a healthier overall texture. It’s perfect for people looking for a salon-quality professional shampoo that they can use at home.

Wella System Professional Smoothen Shampoo. This hair structure softener is perfect for curly and rebellious hair. It transforms unruly textures into easy to comb and manageable hair, and gives instant softness after shampooing. Wella SP Smoothen hair shampoo provides gentle luxurious cleansing and control for a supple hair feel.


Instant softness after shampooing.


For clients with coarse hair that is difficult to tame, feels dry or is unmanageable. Also for curly hair which needs control and elasticity and hair that tends to frizz and reacts to high humidity.


Gentle luxurious cleansing, control and smoothness for a soft and supple hair feel. Instantly transforms unruly textures into a soft, combable and manageable hair.


Apply 1 pump of shampoo into damp hair. Apply the Shampoo Relax Massage, then rinse thoroughly.

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