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System Professional Smoothen Mask S3 400ml

Experience luxurious hair treatment with System Professional Smoothen Mask S3. Perfect for giving your hair a long-lasting smooth and glossy finish, the 400ml product provides the latest technology in haircare, nourishing your hair from the depth with its powerful ingredients. Transform your locks with every use as they become instantly more beautiful, sleek, and manageable.

Smoothen and control the hair with System Professional Smoothen Mask. This luxurious weekly treatment is recommended for rebellious and curly hair, and provides hair texture control and softness. Smoothen Mask reduces fly-away strands, calms frizz and keeps the structure smoother for longer.


Reduced frizz and control of the hair texture.


For clients with rebellious, coarse and unruly hair that are looking for an anti-frizz effect. Ideal for curly hair that needs control and hair that is difficult to style.


A luxurious weekly treatment for intensive hair texture control and softness. The Smoothen Mask will reduce fly-aways, calm frizz and keep the hair structure smoother for longer. With EnergyCode™ for responsive hair full of energy.


After shampooing with a System Professional Shampoo, use 25g of the mask and apply with a brush directly on the hair, avoiding the scalp. Gently massage with one of the System Professional Professional massage techniques and leave for 5 minutes. The Climazon or HairSpa can intensify care effect and enhance client comfort. If used with infusions, mix thoroughly and apply on the hair. Emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

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