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System Professional Smoothen Conditioner S2 1000ml (with free pump)

Keep your hair smooth and glossy with the System Professional Smoothen Conditioner S2. Developed for use on fine to normal hair, this conditioner helps to smooth the hair fibre for a glossy finish. With 1000ml of product and a free pump included, you can care for your hair with ease.

Wella System Professional Smoothen Conditioner. This anti-frizz cream intensively conditions for a velvety softness and smooth hair feel. Wella SP Smoothen Conditioner makes curly and unruly hair easy to comb.


Smooth hair feel and easy combing with anti-frizz effect.


For clients with rebellious, coarse and unruly hair that are looking for an anti-frizz effect. Ideal for curly hair that needs control and needs daily help in detangling.


Daily detangling cream that intensly conditions for velvety softness and a smooth hair feel. It smoothens frizz and calms the hair structure.


After shampooing with a suitable System Professional Shampoo, apply 1 – 2 pumps of the conditioner onto towel-dried hair. Comb through and leave for 30 seconds. Emulsify and rinse throroughly. Apply a selected finish product and style as usual.

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