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System Professional Purify Lotion 125ml

The System Professional Purify Lotion deeply cleanses and purifies your hair, leaving it feeling light, airy and refreshed. Enriched with natural ingredients and apricot oil, this luxurious lotion helps to protect hair from further damage and breakage, while refreshing the scalp and preserving moisture. Perfect for those who need to refresh their hair after a long day. 125ml.

System Professional Purify Lotion is a leave-in treatment that helps reduce dandruff in your hair with up to 24 hour protection.

Designed to help reduce dandruff and intensely clean your hair and scalp, this leave-in lotion fights your dandruff all day, gently soothing your scalp to create a healthy environment whilst eliminating dandruff-causing microorganisms.

Your hair and scalp will feel instantly clean, fresh and balanced.

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