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System Professional Balance Mask B3 400ml

Experience the luxurious System Professional Balance Mask B3, featuring a soothing blend of plant oils that work to balance your scalp, providing a sense of wellbeing and calm. Feel the effects of carefully-crafted ingredients, tailored to your needs and designed to help refine and revitalize for a perfectly balanced scalp.

SP Balance Mask B3 helps to normalize and balance your scalp, thanks to its special formula of moisturizing agents and selected lipids. Its 400ml size provides long-lasting hydration and protection for your scalp. Safe and effective for all scalp types.

Nourish the scalp with System Professional Balance Mask. This intense weekly treatment deeply moisturizes the scalp and relieves discomfort with the soothing Dermacalm Complex. Balance dry scalp mask strengthens the skin's protective barrier, while the hair conditioning active ingredients leave a soft touch to the hair.


For clients with a sensitive scalp that need daily gentle cleansing.


Gently cares for scalp with a skin-friendly pH. A gentle surfactant system and calming ingredients moisturize the hair and scalp without drying it further.


Apply 1 pump of shampoo into damp hair. Apply the Relax. Shampoo Massage, then rinse thoroughly..

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