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System Professional Man Hair & Beard Oil 50ml

Expertly crafted for the modern man, System Professional Man Hair & Beard Oil nourishes and tames both hair and facial hair. Its lightweight formula, packed with essential oils, helps to improve hair quality and promote healthy, manageable beards. Say goodbye to dry, unruly hair and hello to a well-groomed, polished look.

Condition your hair and beard with System Professional Man Hair & Beard Oil; a lightweight, non-greasy formula to soften and moisturise. Harnessing the powers of Argan Oil and Energy Lipids.  Thi deeply nourishing treatment restores smooth, strong hair with enhanced shine, minimised frizz and improved manageability. Ideal for daily use, you can expect soft, healthy hair and a tamed, hydrated beard that is easier to comb.

Apply one or two pumps and massage into your beard and hair.

Suitable for all hair types.


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