• Wella SP Curl Defining Cream BB64 Code

SP Smoothen Curl Definer Curl Cream 200ml

Experience smoother, defined curls with SP's Smoothen Curl Definer Curl Cream. Formulated with properties which can reduce the frizz of your hair, the specialized cream will leave you with voluminous curls that will last throughout the day. With a 200ml bottle, your collection of hairstyling essentials won't be complete without the SP Smoothen Curl Definer.

Wella System Professional Curl Definer Cream Elasticising Cream

BB64 Code - The elasticising cream that defines curls and gives them incredible bounce and energy. It tames and bundles curls to prevent flyway's through the anti-static effect. The cream can be used to create soft waves as a base for styling. Improves the definition of curls in dry hair.

Distribute a small amount onto towel dried hair, comb in and shape the curls. Blow dry or leave the hair to dry naturally. Use on dry hair for curl definition and texture.

Defined and supple curls.

Target Group:
For curly hair.

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