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Moroccan Oil Mending Infusion 75ml

The Moroccan Oil Mending Infusion is expertly crafted to mend hair split ends. Using scientifically proven ingredients, this formula repairs and strengthens damaged hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthier. Say goodbye to split ends and hello to beautiful, nourished hair.

For weak and damaged hair Moroccanoil Mending Infusion is not just a split end mender, Moroccan Oil Mending Infusion is a vitamin packed, quinoa protein infused formula that nourishes, conditions and strengthens your for a silky, fresh-cut appearance.

The ultra-lightweight argan oil formula reduces visible signs of damaged hair—such as frayed ends, dryness and colour damage—while taming frizz and preventing further damage.

A blend of argan oil and baobab extracts, packed with antioxidants and amino acids, transforms ends from dry and brittle to silky and touchable.

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