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Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo Light Tone 205ml

Achieve refreshed light-toned locks in an instant with Moroccan Oil's Dry Shampoo. This must-have formula is specifically designed to lift away dirt, oil, and product buildup without compromising on your hair's natural tone. Enjoy luxurious, refreshed locks without water!

Experience luxurious cleansing for your hair with Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo Light Tone. Infused with special light tones, this shampoo offers a discreet refreshing scent that rejuvenates the hair without the use of water. The unique formula of this shampoo provides an effortless way to refresh any style, leaving you with clean, glossy hair in an instant.

Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo for Light Hair Tones is a dry cleansing spray that instantly refreshes, revitalises your hair & scalp to extend the life of your hair styles.  Formulated with ultra-fine rich starches, this powerful cleanser dissipates instantly to absorb oil and product build up in your hair.  Leaving behind no dulling residue your hair is left refreshed, volumised and with a silky 'just left the salon' feel.  Additional features and benefits are:

  • Argan Oil Infused
  • Protects Against UV Damage
  • Leaves No Chalky or Dull Residues
  • Instantly Volumises Your Hair
  • Leaves a Super Silky Finish
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