Balmain Golden Tail Comb

Refine your hairstyle with the opulent elegance of the Balmain Golden Tail Comb. Glimmering with golden allure, this comb offers an exquisitely refined addition to your grooming collection. A single gesture brings simple sophistication to your locks, making it easy to create high-end looks with effortless grace.

Balmain Golden Tail Comb is a unique 14-carat gold-plated Golden Tail Comb from the Balmain Paris Couture Collection that consists of three specific combs perfect for professional use. This professional golden Tail Comb is perfect for sectioning the hair. Its fine-toothed structure achieves great precision when weaving hair for styling or delicate and intricate highlighting. Designed with the highest performance and elegance standards possible.

  • £39.99