Balmain Detangling Brush (Nylon Ball Point Bristles)

Experience a luxurious detangling experience with Balmain's Detangling Brush, boasting a unique design of ballpoint nylon bristles that effortlessly removes knots and tangles from all hair types without tugging or damaging your strands. Experience maximum comfort and optimal results with this superior detangling tool.

Glossy and printed with logo lettering, Balmain Hair's detangling brush could be a glamorous accessory in Emily in Paris. A favourite of many professional hair stylists, it has super soft and flexible bristles that are suitable for all hair types, plus wigs and extensions.

• Nylon bristles
• For hair with extensions, thick textures and mid to longer lengths
• Untangles your hair without pulling or snagging your hair

Made from Nylon, rubber & ABS Plastic


  • £36.99
  • £47.00