STOCKHOLM Balmain Clip In Weft Set Memory Ombre Hair Extensions (9 Beautiful Colour Options)


What is the Balmain Clip-In Weft Set?

The Balmain Hair Clip-In STOCKHOLM Weft Set Memory Hair is a quick and comfortable 5-piece memory hair extension to add lustrous length, volume and colour to your hair in minutes. The soft blend edge pieces integrate with ease for the most gorgeous subtle look.


  • Weft Extension 45cm 
  • 5 Piece Set 
  • 3D Colour
  • Memory®Hair 
  • Heat Style Up To 160 Degrees
  • Holds Shape Until Heat Styled Again


What is Balmain Memory Hair?

Memory Hair is unique to Balmain Paris Hair Couture Clip in hair extensions and hair pieces. Balmain hair pieces are a one piece synthetic ombre hair extension made to act and look like your real human hair. It feels soft and blends perfectly into your own hair. Memory Hair has man made 'cuticles' added to give it a beautiful natural shine just like human hair. It  weighs 20% less than human hair, making it more comfortable and easy to wear. The most unique offering of Memory Hair is that it can still be heat styled using heat up to 160º, so you can curl or straighten your hairpiece to suit any style. Once styled your hair remembers that style until heat styled again. No more dropping curls or rain spoilt hairstyles! They are definitely the best hair extensions the UK has seen.  


Caring for your Memory Hair 

Regularly brush the Memory Hair piece after wearing, preferably with a soft bristle brush, and spritz with the to keep in optimum condition. Wash it as often as required, it really depends on how often you wear it.  To cleanse the hair soak with warm water and then shampoo gently without rubbing. Always hold the hair at the top and wash hair downwards, as you would your own hair. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Once dry, spritz with the Memory Hair Conditioning Spray.


Styling Memory®Hair

Changing your  Memory Hair texture can be done easily and quickly with styling tools like curling irons and straightening irons. But only use heat up to 160º. The bridges are weakened with heat and the hair can be reshaped into a curl or straightened. Cool down in the new shape. The Memory Hair will keep its new look for as long as you want, until you heat style again into a different style. 

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