Alterna Caviar Bond Repair Leave In Overnight Hair Serum 100ml



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Alterna Caviar Bond Repair Leave In Overnight Serum.  Why should I strengthen and repair my ageing hair which is extremely damaged bleached and over processed? By using Caviar Bond Repair Overnight Hair Serum you will fight the tell tale signs of ageing hair whilst you sleep.  What are the signs of ageing hair?  Your hair will feel finer, be more brittle and duller in colour.  You will also reduce breakage by up to 99% and protect hair from future damage.  How to use New Alterna Caviar Bond Overnight Serum - Apply to dry hair before bed time concentrating on the most damaged areas of hair.  Leave on overnight hair treatment and shampoo out in the morning Why should I use an overnight hair treatment on my hair? Use 2 - 3 times per week depending on how damaged your hair is for the best results to repair damaged over processed ageing hair . Why should I leave a hair treatment in my hair overnight?  Because if you rinse this treatment out you are not allowing your hair to receive the full benefits of the Caviar Bond Repair Overnight Hair Serum.