Discover The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Shampoo

Why is Aromatherapy so popular? Because it works! Whilst fragrant diffusers and scented candles can be a lovely option for your home, one of our favourite ways to take in a scent is with an Aromatic Shampoo. Find out how indulging your sense of smell can benefit your mood and your hair!



Energise Your Mind & Scalp With Peppermint

Put some pep in your step. A recent study indicated that subjects that were exposed to whiffs of peppermint-scented air had enhanced alertness, focus and concentration. Peppermint also has anti-septic properties that make it ideal for deep cleaning hair. It’s also been known to stimulate the scalp. This is why we recommend the best-selling Tea Tree Special Shampoo.


Calm Your Nerves & Curls With Lavender

There is a reason why Lavender is associated with stress relief and sleep enhancement. A recent study suggested that linalool which is found in Lavender extract can help relieve anxiety. It’s also known for its deep conditioning properties, making it great for hydrating dry hair and taming unruly curls. Did you know that Lavender is one of the natural ingredients found in Tea Tree Special Shampoo?