Wella SP Men Hydrate Elixir


Wella System Professional

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A concentrated means of getting gorgeous hydration, Wella SP Men Hydrate Elixir has been designed by the World’s best to be of benefit exclusively to male hair. Working in conjunction with the range’s high quality tonics, the Elixir infuses every strand with an impressive level of moisture and high standard of healthy care. As a result of such targeted nourishment, even the driest hair will feel renewed, with improved manageability and softness you can see and feel.


Add any Wella SP Men Tonic up to Wella SP Men Hydrate Elixir’s glass bottle up to fill indication sign on label. Put the application nozzle on the top of the Elixir bottle and shake 2-3 times. Apply 1-2cm from head and massage in. Do not rinse