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Marula Rare Oil Style Perfecting Serum 100ml

Marula Rare Oil Style Perfecting Serum will give your hair a sheer, lightweight finish whilst controlling annoying flyaway hair around your hairline.  It also protects against damage by infusing Cold-Pressed Marula Oil into your split ends.  This adds added shine and gloss to your hair.  Using Marula Rare Oil Perfecting Serum gives your hair a soft and touchable finish.  This product is perfect for all hair types and comes in a handy 100ml bottle.  Marula Oil for Hair uses time-release technology to nourish and hydrate your hair throughout the day giving you Marula Oil benefits. Whereas other oils would simply rinse away, Pure Marula Oil spheres bond to your hair like a magnet and deliver fresh bursts of Marula Oil every time you touch, style or brush your hair. Marula Oil hair products and Organic Marula Oil are the best Marula Oil for your hair and skin.
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