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Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray 1000ml

Stay in control with Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray. This powerful hairspray gives you the ultimate styling edge, holding your hair in place while leaving it soft and natural-looking. Its revolutionary Freeze and Shine formula locks in your style for long-lasting hold and shine. Have the confidence to shine on!

Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray is an ultra-lightweight mist that helps lock in style and give control and shine. Its Freeze & Shine technology helps resist humidity and create long-lasting hold without sticky residue. Achieve professional results with this humidity-resistant spray.

Experience effortless styling with Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine hairspray! Enjoy long-lasting hold that won't leave hair feeling stiff or sticky. Perfect for creating sleek, chic looks with unsurpassed shine, this 1000ml bottle will make sure you never run out. Have a good hair day every day with Freeze & Shine! Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray captures your style and holds it firmly in place with a super shiny finish! Formulated to help protect your hair from the sun. Paul Mitchell Freeze & Shine Super Spray contains sunscreen for added protection against harmful UV rays. Freeze and Shine Hair Spray contains firm-holding styling resins which provide intense hold and memory while the blend of algae, aloe, jojoba, henna and rosemary intensifies your hairs shine. A gorgeous fragrance as well, which is an added bonus. With 3 choices of size to choose from........what have you got to lose? Why not buy the Paul Mitchell Firm Style Freeze and Shine 1000ml or 500ml size and decant in into your smaller bottles for weekends away or foreign travel.  At Bohairmia, we think of everything to help you choose.

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