Flint+Flint British Flag Spiced Orange Candle 30cl



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Our latest, most luxurious spiced orange scented candle in dark stealth with silver overlay graphics depicting the British Flag. Thanks go out to our illustrator David Bailey who we worked with to tell our story click here and who's work we really dig. These are a limited run that won't stay around for long so get one quick.


Having been dissatisfied with the design and effectiveness of scented candles in our home, we set out to create a range of our own that would truly and safely fill our rooms with beautiful aromas. After doing our research we’ve had our very own signature candles created – Spiced Orange, Vetiver, Peony and Candy Cane.

Containing industry high levels of quality fragrances (typically 8-10% versus the 3-5% norm) you get a candle that has been made with the utmost care and the finest ingredients, rather than one that has been mass produced on an automated line using low-cost components.

Exclusively hand poured in the UK using fine aromatic oils and 100% natural wax, our Flint + Flint Louis candle will provide 40 plus hours of luxurious burn time. The perfect partner for alone time, a quiet read or everyone's favourite, a long soak.

Please read the instructions on the underside of our candle.

100% Made in England 30cl Candle comes gift boxed.