Flint+Flint Mr Flint Kit



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This kit includes a Wash Bag worth £25

Adam's kit-bag must have. Perfect for all skin types and all ages. Includes Moisturizer, Exfoliator 2x, Everyday Wash and Eye Hero. Adam uses the Everyday Wash morning and night, leaves on the skin for 1-2 mins, then rinses thoroughly and dries. Adam applies Moisturizer in small amounts and massages into the skin and finally applies Eye Hero (in small amounts to the eye area). Twice a week, Adam applies Exfoliator 2x directly to a dry face, massages for three to four minutes then rinses thoroughly. Use all products sparingly. Use as directed. Please see individual packaging for further details. For further information please see individual product descriptions and ingredients.

RRP £126, KIT PRICE £100 including free Wash Bag