Balmain Illuminating Shampoo Silver Pearl 300ml



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Balmain Silver Pearl Illuminating Shampoo is designed for silver and highlighted hair and gets rid of your unwanted yellow and brassy tones, especially during summer holidays when your hair is exposed to sun, sea and chlorine. Remove those brassy tones in between your salon appointments and maintain a vibrant stunning blonde, silver or highlighted hair colour. The formula of both shampoos contain violet pigments which remove brassiness and yellow tones. Regular use will help to keep your hair colour vibrant. Silver Pearl shampoo is for blonde and silver hair. The pure violet pigments correct unwanted brassiness and yellow tones. Creates a luminous shine while leaving a vibrant crystal colour.

How to use: Apply shampoo to your  wet hair, massage it in gently and rinse out after 3 minutes. W recommend you use it once a week to maintain a vibrant crystal tone. Excessive use is not recommended due to the permanent effect on your hair

Perfect For: Blonde and Silver/Grey hair

Backstage Secret: Use the Illuminating Shampoo in combination with the Ash Toner to maintain the correct hair colour in between your salon colour services