• Caviar Sheer Dry Shampoo by Alterna

Alterna Caviar Sheer Dry Shampoo Powder Spray 1.2oz

For effortlessly volumized hair, treat yourself to Alterna Caviar Sheer Dry Shampoo Powder Spray. This sophisticated spray combines a sheer, lightweight formula and luxurious Caviar extract to cleanse and boost hair while creating a texture and vibrancy that speaks of luxury. Perfect for reviving your locks between shampoos. 

Caviar Sheer Dry Shampoo is a sheer talc free powder spray that gives you longer lasting blow dry's and refreshes your hair between shampooing.  It works by absorbing excess oils and impurities whilst adding masses of texture and volume.  This powder spray delivers the exact amount of product for use on your hair roots and mid lengths to ends.  This product is perfect for users who prefer a drier application and love to take their favourite travel size products on holidays with them.

To use, spray on your dry hair from a distance of 4-5 inches away and then massage with your fingertips.  You can even brush it through if you prefer a more even distribution.  After use, your hair will feel, clean, refreshed and more manageable. Our in-salon rating is a healthy 9/10

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